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We as teachers are responsible for a better tomorrow

NTC is first of its kind multidisciplinary platform for higher education teachers from India and across the World. It goes beyond being an academic conference and facilitates sharing of Interdisciplinary Knowledge through Teacher-to-Teacher Connect. As we all know, India has a rich legacy of ancient Guru- Shishya bonding for ages, by virtue of which it has produced the greatest teachers of unimpeachable integrity, who were not just intellectual giants but also provided moral and intellectual leadership of a rare quality to our country. They were widely loved and respected as their teaching was infused with a high degree of idealism, passion and selfless service. Many of them did not limit themselves to just imparting knowledge but also shaped the values and ideals of modern India by leaving a deep impact on our society.

As ever, we continue to believe in the power of education and morality in arousing the national consciousness. We are duty bound to provide an integrated education to the youth of India, that can produce students who will not only be intellectually equal to the best of their fellow students in other parts of the world, but will also live a noble life, love their country and be loyal and sensitive to the very community and society they represent.

The National Teachers' Congress (NTC) has been conceptualized with an objective to inspire teachers of Higher Education (under-graduate and post-graduate colleges) from India and across the world. Through extensive deliberations and dialogue of 3 days, we aim to ignite the spirit of over 5,000 professors every year so that they continue to look beyond the commercial temptations for creating deeper and wider impact on the society through this noble profession. Prof. Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Founding Patron -    NTC has quoted – “As we are fast moving towards the Knowledge Era, we are sure that NTC will benefit all the stakeholders of the Education Process from multidisciplinary backgrounds including Students, Teachers, Parents, Industry, Law Makers and Society at large."

Turning a Vision into Reality

India is the largest democracy with a young and vibrant population that is projecting great optimism and bright future. The repeated successes of her space mission s in launching a very large number of communication satellites for global customers are inspiring. However, lack of clean water and irrigation for many fields and the dire poverty in many rural areas are some of the biggest challenges. India today is a country of extremes and only higher education for a much larger fraction of the population will allow her to reach the bright future India needs imagination and innovation inculcated in hundreds of colleges across the country to millions of students for the country to succeed. The quality of thought-provoking discourse that took place at 1st & 2nd NTC assured one and all that this platform is set to contribute for laying such a vision for future educational reforms in India. We feel very proud that, one of the legendary scientists of international repute Prof. Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar has agreed to be the Chairperson of the National Teachers' Congress 2019. Under his visionary leadership inspiration of founding President Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Karad with dynamic backup from NTC's Founder Prof. Ravhul V. Karad we will able to reshape the NTC in terms of quality and design. NTC 2019 will be more participatory & teachers will be given more opportunities to present their research papers on the various sub themes of the NTC 2019. To create more opportunities for paper presentations we are planning to conduct parallel sessions during the NTC 2019. We are also aiming to give awards / certificates for best papers.

This year's theme of the National Teachers' Congress is ''NEP 2020 : Opportunities Unlocked''. We have also identified several exciting sub-themes and hope that participants will actively contribute in the NTC 2020. The NTC is attended by leading academicians and educationists all over the world, representing 5 Continents. Through this platform, we wish to re-define the vital role of professors in building the society and the country. There are large number of respected professors of Indian origin living and teaching abroad, who are making India proud by their exceptional abilities and intellect. We wish to continue to build this dialogue and deliberations with them, in 3rd NTC, through participation at this important and unique discourse and share their experiences with their contemporaries in India. We invite you to join this one of the biggest higher education events in India.

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